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  • Philosophy

High Technology "Made in Germany"

Quality as a corporate goal

Quality is one of the most important corporate goals of FEIG ELECTRONIC. Thus, we are known worldwide in many industries as a reliable partner and OEM supplier for system integrators and resellers.
In addition to a subsidiary in the USA (FEIG ELECTRONICS Inc. exclusively sells RFID components), we have a close network of distribution partners around the world.

Responsibility for customers and employees

Our corporate activity is an expression of the responsibility we feel to our customers and employees:

- Highest quality "Made in Germany" instead of cheap mass production
- Two support departments instead of a call center at the end of the world
- Responsible management, focused on sustainability
- High equity ratio instead of a dependent management funded by debt

Production "Made in Germany"

Product development and production have always been taking place in Germany. Only through well-trained and paid professionals in a reliable environment, the high requirements of our customers' needs can be fulfilled. Especially customized developments can be carried out in close cooperation between engineers and the customer.