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Contactless payment systems and terminals for EV charging stations

Reliability and security are particularly important for operators. The cVEND terminal family specializes in Tap & Go payment and is designed for contactless girocards, for example. They can be flexibly adapted to the requirements in different markets and thus guarantee optimal handling.

Charging Stations & Fast Charger

FEIG offers fully certified cVEND payment terminals for all types of charging stations, which can be easily integrated or retrofitted in all types of charging stations.

For compact wall boxes and street light charger, FEIG has a highly integrated module with the cVEND plug that is the same size as the previous RFID reader and can be installed in the same installation space. As the most important function, in addition to common credit and debit cards, the German girocard and mobile payment, it also supports all existing charging cards (note: backend connection to the respective card system operator required), so that customers can either use their existing closed-loop cards or directly and without registration can pay with their debit / credit card.

AC charging stations can also be equipped with a cVEND plug; alternatively, the cVEND Modular Kit provides additional designs for partial integration or subsequent surface mounting. These do not need an opening and do not protrude into the charging columns and charging columns can easily be retrofitted on site.

The cVEND PIN is ideal for DC fast charger, which with PinPad, contactless interface and optional hybrid card reader really accepts all cards and for which there is also no contactless limit of 50 Euros.

Digital Receipt

For many machine branches (e.g. EV charging) there is a requirement to provide receipts. FEIG cVEND terminals are already prepared for various types of digital receipts, which means that convenience functions that are otherwise only possible via registration and an app can also be used with an open card system without registration. This function currently requires a cVEND terminal with a level 3 app and a connection to a network operator registered in Germany, since the ZVT Poseidon functions Bitmap 43 / Bitmap 60 are used to transmit the additional information.

Additional Data to Acquirer / PSP (BMP43 / BMP60)

On the encrypted connection between the payment terminal and the network operator / bank, in addition to the payments made using the technical standards BMP43 or BMP60, other data can also be transmitted on request. This can be, for example, customer information or links that are passed on to the buyer's account statement or telemetry / accounting data, e.g. which product was purchased. This not only supports telemetry applications, but also enables precise VAT accounting, for example in vending.

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