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Simple and secure: contactless payment terminals for parking

Paying for parking with cash may be part of everyday life, yet it is far more impractical compared to a contactless payment alternative. Users and operators of parking facilities are equally inconvenienced by cash payment. Whether hunting for small change or safeguarding cash deposits, cash handling is complex, time-consuming and costly. Contactless solutions using NFC technology make the payment process at cVEND payment terminals fast, pleasant and secure.

Contactless payment in a matter of seconds

Contactless payment in a matter of seconds

Whether with a contactless credit and debit card or NFC-enabled smartphones, parking tickets can be paid for quickly, easily and conveniently without cash. Check-in and check-out at entrances and exits from multi-storey car parks is also supported and made particularly easy. Thanks to German payment applications, terminals such as the cVEND TOPP or cVEND PIN are becoming a fully fledged basic terminal on the German market - including the CVT-Poseidon host interface. In general, these contactless processes increase throughput at peak times and ensure satisfied customers. For the operator, the cashless payment processes also reduce workload.

Simple and flexible integration

Simple and flexible integration

Our payment terminals easily integrate into new and existing parking ticket machines. Whether as cVEND plug, cVEND box+ with display or cVEND PIN with integrated PIN pad, the terminal family flexibly integrates into virtually any system environment using the available ZVT, O.P.I. and MDB interfaces. Thanks to modern Linux-based software, the payment terminals guarantee system integrators and operators maximum security over their investment. The payment application enables fast control, configuration and diagnosis via the POS system. In addition, cVEND’s energy-saving standby mode makes solar- powered off-street parking attractive and practical.

Broad portfolio for both open and closed loop

Broad portfolio for both open and closed loop

Whether as an open loop system for a changing group of customers or as a closed loop for long-term parkers - thanks to the multi-application architecture, customers can pay with both contactless credit cards and closed loop chip cards at the same terminal. cVEND TOPP provides terminals with an integrated German payment application. These payment terminals enable customers to pay at vending machines using a girocard without a PIN pad. For larger amounts of money, the cVEND PIN with PIN pad is the ideal operational solution.

Maximum security during the payment process

Maximum security during the payment process

cVEND terminals support all standard ISO 14443 transponders, national and international debit and credit cards as well as NFC-based payment systems. They are EMVCo and PCI PTS compliant, providing the highest level of payment security. FEIG’s certified Key Injection Facility (KIF) enables cVEND terminals to be easily integrated into PCI P2PE solutions. Operators no longer have to concern themselves with security requirements that are already met by cVEND, including the periodically required PCI DSS certifications. Ongoing operation is simplified, more secure and cost efficient using cVEND.

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