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Highly efficient warehouse management with smart order solutions

Whether in small manufacturing operations or large industrial enterprises, it is essential to maintain accurate inventory levels combined with their timely replenishment. If supplies are not replenished in time, processes risk coming to a standstill, resulting in costly production delays. Smart ordering and eKanban systems facilitate efficient and automatic electronic inventory management. Time-consuming and error-prone manual orders are a thing of the past with FEIG ELECTRONIC.

Simple, fast and accurate warehouse management

Simple, fast and accurate warehouse management

Speed, accuracy and performance are crucial elements in an inventory management system: Our barcode and RFID based solutions consist of the robust ECCO:lite or ECCO+ hand held reader; each feature EMMWare, an integrated middleware platform that simplifies data collection and trans- mission. The hardware seamlessly integrates into any ERP or standard e-commerce system, facilitating automatic order placement and turning warehouse management into uncomplicated task with less overall effort.

Maximum efficiency, zero errors

Maximum efficiency, zero errors

Shortages and excess stocks are often the result of a reflex-like approach to ordering goods or rigid order intervals. The result is expensive returns, unnecessary logistics and stagnating production processes. With Smart ordering, orders can be flexibly adapted to real-time requirements. This increases the reaction speed and efficiency of inventory management. Thanks to the automated ordering of goods, incorrect orders are minimized and operational processes remain trouble-free.

Achieve higher sales

Achieve higher sales

As a supplier, you can help your customers manage their inventory efficiently and conveniently. Scanned data from RFID tags or barcode labels can be used to quickly and accurately record inventory changes, forward orders and process them highly efficiently for both sides of the supply chain. The system usually pays for itself after just one month of use and strengthens customer loyalty thanks to its user-friendly workflow.

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

The FEIG ELECTRONIC products for eKanban systems ensure smooth logistics Processes. Thanks to automated inventory monitoring, incorrect order lists are a thing of the past. This results in a significant reduction of stock shortages. Efficiency gains and smooth cooperation ensure greater customer satisfaction, strengthen the partnership and thus contribute to long-lasting business relationships.

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Applications in the field of Smart Order Solution

  • Inventory management / order management
  • Ordering and logistics of consumables
  • eKanban

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