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Induction loop detectors for optimized traffic flow

The volume of traffic is constantly increasing. For this reason, high-performance traffic control technology is required to optimize and dynamically regulate traffic flows on the roads. FEIG’s 4-channel detectors form the basis for electronically controlled gantries that - depending on the situation - display information on congestion hazards, recommended speed limits or detours and thus improve traffic flow.

Comprehensive capture of relevant vehicle data

Comprehensive capture of relevant vehicle data

Up-to-date and reliable traffic information is essential to be able to control gantries according to the situation. Induction loop detectors reliably capture all relevant vehicle data through the induction loops embedded in the lanes. No matter whether they are used for speed, length, classification into 8 +1 vehicle classes, net time gap or loop occupancy - the detectors collect information on traffic density and evaluate it in real time. They then deliver the signals derived from this information to activate or deactivate electronic traffic signs and guidance systems.

Certified performance

Certified performance

With FEIG’s single and multi-channel detectors you are on the safe side: Our detectors are certified by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST) and therefore meet the highest requirements for compatibility and reliability. A must for trouble-free and reliable operation when counting, classifying and influencing traffic.

Easy configuration and optimization

Easy configuration and optimization

The 4-channel traffic detectors are easy to install and versatile in use. The VEK S4 comes in a plastic housing for quick mounting on DIN rails, while the VEK S4C is integrated as a space-saving 19“ board. FEIG’s cost-free setting and diagnostic program enables individual adjustments via the RS 485 standard to ensure that the traffic control system is fully functional at all times.

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Applications in traffic counting and influencing

  • Traffic control technology
  • Electronic gantries

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