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4-channel Antenna Multiplexer provides up to 5 Reading Point

Very useful for Industrial machines, medical devices, vending and ticketing kiosks

The 4-channel Antenna Multiplexer ID CPR.MUX.M4 meets the current requirements of industry with regard to integration of RFID components for control and execution of multiple functions in industrial machines, medical devices, vending and ticketing kiosks.

Maximum Flexibility and reducing Hardware Costs
“Our customers in the payment industry want the flexibility to utilize multiple NFC antennas to one reader, thereby reducing hardware costs and complexity in vending machines and kiosks,” describes Andreas Löw, Marketing Manager for FEIG, the requirements of one target market.  “FEIG designed the 4-Channel Multiplexer ID CPR.MUX.M4 as the best way to add up to four NFC antennas without adding additional NFC readers for maximum cost-efficiency.”

Up to 5 Reading Points by using the Reader Module ID CPR74
ID CPR74 represents the latest development of RFID reader modules from FEIG. The reader has an internal antenna and a multiplexer on board that allows already two reading points by using an additional external antenna. Designed for different kinds of machines where more than two reading points exist, the 4-Channel Multiplexer ID CPR.MUX.M4 reduces cost and complexity when compared to individual readers/encoders by amortizing hardware functions across multiple use points.

Easy Antenna Connection and controlled by CPR74
Antennas are connected to the multiplexer’s 50-ohm compatible outputs using thin, coaxial cables up to two meters in length. The selection of the multiplexer output is controlled through the digital outputs of the HF Reader Module ID CPR74. FEIG offers two standard size antennas, 40mm x 30mm or 100mm x 100mm, and offers custom antenna design services.