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Battery-less Temperature Monitoring Solution from FEIG and RFMicron

The innovation of passive (battery-less) RFID technology has led to its adoption by a wide range of industries, from asset management and automation to process and production control and supply chain management. However, sensor data collection applications still required battery power. Recently, RFMicron , a Texas-based technology company developing smart passive sensors, has created a battery-free, single-chip RFID sensor IC to support temperature, pressure and moisture sensing data capture solutions.

FEIG’s UHF readers support RFMicron’s Magnus® S family of ICs for RFID tags. The new temperature-sensing chip features RFMicron’s patented Chameleon™ technology that enables a single-chip solution without the need for a battery, microcontroller or wiring. This results in lower cost and reduced maintenance.

Working together, FEIG UHF RFID readers and RFMicron temperature sensors enable an ideal RFID temperature monitoring solution for advanced wireless data capture applications in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). For example, data can be captured and stored in the RFID tag memory and uploaded to online medical records in the healthcare industry. Likewise, automated, real-time temperature monitoring is perfect for improved cold supply chain management.

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