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Contactless payment solution without PIN for German bank card

FEIG ELECTRONIC receives operating license to install payment terminals as part of TOPP pilot projects of the German banking industry (DK)

As part of the pilot project “Terminals without PIN-Pad” (TOPP) of the German banking industry (DK), FEIG ELECTRONIC received the operating license to install contactless payment terminals, where customers can use their girocard for payment at vending machines and kiosk systems without a PIN pad. A fast food restaurant in Bad Hersfeld is the first pilot customer to offer this payment option to its customers.

With contactless girocard, payments of up to 25 euros can be made. Previously, a PIN pad was required for the optional entry of the PIN for the payment process. An unpleasant detail, since machines have to meet various technical requirements in a confined space and additional device modules, such as the PIN pad, make this complicated. A future-oriented solution is the compact design of the terminal without PIN pad from FEIG - combined with the contactless payment option up to 25 euros with German girocard. That for, FEIG has developed the new cVEND TOPP contactless terminal: “The one-piece module is also capable of mobile payment and thus guarantees a high level of investment security for the machine operators. The optimized use in battery-operated machines and the implementation of various machine and cash register interfaces are important properties of the terminal, ”explains Klaus Orthofer, project manager at FEIG ELECTRONIC. "The operating license now issued represents another important milestone in our company's payment strategy."

cVEND TOPP is the optimal solution for various types of machines: for ticket and parking ticket machines as well as for vending machines or charging stations. And for the cash register in the mentioned fast food restaurant...

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