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Early congestion detection ensures maximum traffic flow

Between 2010 and 2018, the number of reported traffic jams in Germany more than quadrupled. The reason behind that growth is the constant increase in individual mobility. This is why systems are needed that reliably record traffic data and enable intelligent traffic control

With our VEK S4/S4C solution, FEIG ELECTRONIC has developed an energy-efficient, powerful and highly reliable 4-channel loop detector, which is already being used in many traffic control systems. The detector captures signals from the induction loops located in the ground and displays the type and speed of vehicles within just 8ms of a vehicle crossing the loop. It operates reliably in all weather conditions and is therefore a step ahead of most other systems. The BASt-certified VEK S4/S4C provides reliable classification in 8+1 vehicle classes in accordance with TLS 2012 guidelines. The wide working range of 25-1200┬ÁH enables differentiated identification of everything from motorcycles to articulated lorries.

Traffic direction can be determined using the integrated directional logic. The advantage of this is that wrong-way drivers can be identified and transmitted directly to the system, which can then provide road users with early warnings. In addition, the VEK S4/S4C has four open collector outputs that allow functions to be freely assigned to them. The respective traffic signal patterns also facilitate analysis and enable real-time traffic jam detection.

Based on this information, electronic overhead signal gantries can be used to immediately influence traffic behavior. Congestion warnings or speed limit modifications improve traffic flow and ensure that traffic jams are quickly relieved.


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