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FEIG ELECTRONIC‘s cVEND terminals make charging more enjoyable at the new e-filling station in Coburg, Germany

In Coburg, Germany, Städtische Überlandwerke Coburg GmbH (SÜC) launched the first and most powerful e-mobility hypercharger station in the region, offering a fully cashless user experience around the station. To make waiting time more pleasant, SÜC located vending machines at the station so drivers could have a variety of snacks or hot/cold beverages while they wait. SÜC chose FEIG ELECTRONIC’s cVEND PIN for the self-service vending machines and access control and usage charge for the rest-rooms is handled by a cVEND plug Modular Kit, thereby offering a seamless and convenient cashless card payment experience throughout the station.

E-mobility in Coburg, Germany just got quicker, easier and more comfortable with installation of SÜC‘s 300 kW EV hypercharger. While an electric vehicle is charging, the driver and passengers can relax and enjoy the time with a drink or snack. Purchases are fast and cashless using the FEIG cVEND PIN pad terminal. The terminal accepts all common electronic payment methods, including credit and debit cards, smartphones and wearables. It therefore accepts all popular NFC smartphone wallets such as Google, Samsung or Apple Pay etc.

At the Coburg e-filling station, electric car owners no longer have to enter a building or search for the right change to get coffee or a snack or gain access to the rest-rooms. With the FEIG cVEND portfolio of modular payment terminals, customers enjoy a contactless, sanitary and disability-friendly payment solution. The cVEND payment terminal solutions have many additional uses, including restroom access, e-filling at charging stations and supplying relevant data for digital receipts.

“The large service station in Coburg with its selection of Points of Interaction (POI) is a good example of how contactless payment is spreading to different kinds of use cases,“ says Eric W. Pitts, Senior Manager, Payment Operations, at FEIG ELECTRONIC. “The cVEND terminal family significantly simplifies payment processes, offering clear advantages for the operator and the customer. Machines with contactless payment processes are already widely accepted by the public and will eventually replace most cash payments.“

“In 2015, Peter Ehrl won the Vending Star for innovative ideas with his concept of the  
‘LadeGenussStation,‘ or, roughly translated, ‘charging+enjoyment station.‘“ Says Dr. Aris Kaschefi, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the German Vending Machine Industry e.V. “We are pleased that this concept is now being installed for the first time by SÜC Coburg. It demonstrates that the vending industry is always thinking one step ahead and developing sustainable, future-oriented solutions."   

SÜC‘s e-mobility hypercharger is currently available in Coburg, Bavaria. FEIG cVEND hardware products are available globally.

Stephanus Becker (Sales PAYMENT | EV Charging)

Aaron Busch (Sales PAYMENT | Vending)



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