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FEIG is in the Air!

The new hot-air balloon from FEIG ELECTRONIC complets its maiden flight

On April 28, 2018, the new hot-air balloon from FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH rose for its maiden trip. The 27m high balloon with the varied color scheme and the highly visible logo of the company started towards 7 p.m. in the sky and presented itself at low altitude and thus clearly visible the city of Weilburg and some of its neighborhoods.


There is hardly a more sympathetic way to promote a business than with a hot-air balloon. Most observers smile at the sight of a balloon, wave to the crew, and tell home that they have seen the FEIG balloon. This keeps FEIG in the memory and one remembers when he sees one of the numerous FEIG job advertisements online or in newspapers: "Those were the ones with the balloon". In the context of employer branding, the balloon represents a measure to map FEIG as an employer brand and thereby attract more applicants.

As a pilot for the "Balloon Team FEIG ELECTRONIC", Oliver Pfeffer was engaged as a very experienced partner, who also comes from Weilburg and will primarily be traveling in his home country. Nevertheless, the FEIG balloon will also be launched at some balloon festivals in Germany, such as the "FFH Night Glow" in Kassel - here, the new balloon was presented just over two days after the successful maiden trip to 20,000 spectators. At the balloon glow in front of the orangery of Kassel Castle, the FEIG balloon was one of seven, which presented itself, framed by fireworks and music, to the visitors.


According to the motto of the balloonists "Good luck, good land" we wish our new balloon on all its missions a good trip and a safe landing!

Video about the "FFH Night Glow" (German Language)

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