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FEIG receives PCI P2PE Component Certification

Specialist for contactless payment terminals receives another important certification

FEIG ELECTRONIC, specialist for contactless payment terminals, received with the PCI P2PE KIF Certification another important certification. The payment terminals “cVEND”, manufactured by FEIG in Germany, are used in numerous international public transport applications as well as in toll collection systems, at patrol stations and in vending machines.

The certification confirms, that the security room („Key-Injection-Facility“ (KIF)) which is operated by FEIG meets the high requirements of the PCI P2PE standard. This means that the electronic key material from payment service providers or customers will be stored and injected into the several cVEND payment terminals, absolutely secure. Thus, FEIG provides its customers an important component to enable them to develop and certify their own PCI P2PE compliant solutions based on cVEND. FEIG acts for the P2PE solution as a component service provider for key material as well as key loading and the customer has not to care for those security requirements which were met by the cVEND, already. Furthermore FEIG offers his customers a PCI P2PE compliant solution for Remote Key-Loading as a service. This allows secure initial key loading and key updates into terminals that are already in field operation.

With the certification, FEIG makes an important contribution to the realization of simple and secure solutions with end-to-end encryption for payment terminals. Operation of payment terminals becomes safer and cheaper because the cyclically required PCI DSS certification of terminal operators is it simplified, significantly.

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