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HF Gate Antennas from FEIG ELECTRONIC meet the new ISO / IEC 18046-4 standard

Crystal Gates from FEIG ELECTRONIC passed the benchmark testing for the use of RFID Gates in libraries with excellence

HF Crystal Gates from FEIG ELECTRONIC are now certified according to ISO / IEC 18046- 4. This first international standard for the performance of RFID gates in libraries was published at the end of 2015. The certified gate antennas of the German RFID specialist combine excellent design, ease of maintenance and excellent reading performance. Especially for use in libraries, this combination offers an almost unbeatable setup.

Libraries will have significant benefits due to this international standard

Content of the new standard are test methods analyzing the performance of the gates in different, practical configurations, such as bulk detection of transponders at different levels. The establishment of this new ISO standard allows libraries the selection of appropriate gate antennas as a security system. With this certification a gate meets all requirements for use in libraries. The certification does not look to individual components, but confirms the performance of the complete gate as a system. Only who achieves at least 95 percent of the possible points in all tests gets the certificate.

Crystal Gates from FEIG ELECTRONIC achieve peek values in test scenarios

HF Crystal Gates of FEIG ELECTRONIC passed the various tests for certification with excellent results. The antennas were tested based on four areas of compliance:

  • Detection field homogeneity
  • Reliability of detection
  • Stack performance
  • Immunity to interferences

In examining the homogeneity of detection, possible reading holes are identified. For this purpose, five transponders in different orientations are moved through the antenna field at 18 different positions. Reliability of detection are monitored by moving a group of 18 transponders at various locations at one and two meters per second through the gate in order to determine the overall performance and the “so-called” high-speed performance. Here the UID (serial numbers), and at least 34 data bytes of all transponders must be identified. For determining the stack performance, reading performance of nine transponders in a stack of books is tested. The immunity indicates the reliability of the gate to blank the influence of active (second RFID reader in two, three and four meters) and passive sources of interference (a metal carrier is moved by the antennas) and to maintain its function upright.

Certified systems are available immediately

HF Crystal Gates are available as ISO / IEC 18046-4 certified gate antennas, immediately.

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