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Integration of HID OMNIKEY Secure Element Module in cVEND terminals

FEIG ELECTRONIC announces the integration of HID® OMNIKEY® Secure Element module into the cVEND payment terminals to provide EV charging with greater security and convenience.

FEIG ELECTRONIC, a leading provider of payment and identification technology, announces the successful integration of HID’s OMNIKEY® Secure Element in SIM card format into the renowned cVEND payment solutions. This integration aims to transform the EV charging experience, making it more secure, convenient, and accessible than ever before. It supports secure transactions for businesses and charging stations, marking a crucial step from closed systems to more flexible compatibility with open terminals.


Cooperation focused on secure technology

Known for their high security standards, HID embedded modules – combined with FEIG ELECTRONIC's advanced payment terminals – offer a practical solution for operators of charging infrastructure. The OMNIKEY Secure Element in SIM form factor from HID supports secure RFID credentials for companies, including charging infrastructure operators. The integration offers the compatibility with open terminal systems from FEIG ELECTRONIC, enabling to read closed-loop credentials and send data securely and directly to the OCPP backend. When authorized, the credentials can also be used for EV charging services at an on-site company charging station.


Innovation at the workplace with a connected ecosystem

The integration of OMNIKEY Secure Element into FEIG ELECTRONIC's cVEND payment terminals opens up a wide range of applications beyond traditional use. Thanks to the HID technology and connected ecosystem, EV manufacturers and operators of charging infrastructure can rely on secure and encrypted transactions. This technology also represents an interesting advancement for companies that want to offer their employees additional amenities and services with the same credential they used for door access. The credential can now be given extended functionality and can also be used to unlock the charging station for electric vehicles. With this new integration of OMNIKEY Secure Element into FEIG ELECTRONIC's cVEND payment terminals, the potential of the credentials considerably expands. The fact that companies can have the secure HID credentials configured for individual applications and henceforth for use at FEIG ELECTRONIC's payment terminals provides convenience and creates advantages for employees. This also supports environmentally-friendly mobility initiatives within companies.

Key benefits of this collaboration include:

• Enhanced workplace experience: Employees can now use their existing credentials to authenticate themselves at the onsite charging station. No need for separate EV network-specific cards.

• Higher security: With HID’s industry-leading encryption and authentication technologies EV charging sessions are now conducted with the highest levels of security and integrity.

• Interoperability and compatibility: The joint solution is designed to be interoperable with a wide range of EV charging infrastructure and payment protocols, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration of EV charging station operators.

• Future-proofing: The joint solution is built with evolving industry standards and requirements, ensuring long-term viability for EV charging networks.


About FEIG

FEIG ELECTRONIC is a market and innovation leader for intelligent electronic system solutions in numerous market areas. Besides a comprehensive RFID product portfolio FEIG develops and produces the cVEND product family of contactless payment terminals. In addition to the girocard, the payment terminals support numerous international debit & credit cards, mobile payment applications such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, as well as various closed loop systems. The cVEND terminals are used in electric vehicle (EV) charging, public transport, vending and parking. For more information please visit:



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