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Low-Cost UHF Vehicle Tracking

The new version of the UHF Long Range Reader LRU1002 offers several new features for secure and low-cost vehicle access control systems.

New Feig Long-Range Reader Features Enable Low-Cost UHF Vehicle Tracking

The latest version of the company's LRU1002 reader enables users to interface RFID directly with an existing access-control system without requiring an external power supply, and to clone reader configurations using a USB stick.

With a growing number of gated communities, warehouses and commercial parking areas tracking vehicles via UHF RFID technology, Feig Electronic has released a new version of the lowest-cost iteration of its Long Range Readers designed to be more functional than its predecessor. The updated LRU1002 Long Range Reader is built to accommodate simpler installations, the company reports, by adding cloning capabilities between readers and including a Wiegand interface and switch to allow use with an existing electronic access-control panel.

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