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Mersey Gateway Bridge in England uses UHF Readers from FEIG for Road Tolling

Six lane toll bridge near Liverpool relies on RFID technology „Made in Germany“

The six lane toll bridge „Mersey Gateway Bridge“ opened traffic on October 14th 2017 and connects the two industrial cities Runcorn and Widnes, about 20 kilometers east of Liverpool.

Optimal connection of the industrial region Liverpool to the highway network

The new bridge replaces the old "Silver Jubilee Bridge" over the Mersey, which is currently being refurbished and will probably only be available to inner-city traffic in the future. The "Mersey Gateway Bridge" significantly reduces the journey time across the river and at the same time enables optimal connection of the industrial region of Liverpool to the trunk road network.

UHF-Technology ensures Free Flow Tolling

Every trip over the new bridge will be charged. Before opening the bridge, potential users were informed that they needed a UHF transponder to cross the bridge, which would then be used to identify the vehicle. After registering online, the EPC class1 Gen2 transponder was either mailed or ready to be picked up by the operator to attach to the windshield of the vehicle.
UHF technology from FEIG EELCTRONIC is used to identify the transponders. Each lane has one UHF Long Range Reader LRU1002 and two UHF antennas ANT.U600 / 270 installed. In addition, there is a camera above each lane to record the license plates of passing vehicles.
The serial numbers of the transponders and the image data of the number plates are transmitted to a host - if a registered transponder number is assigned to a vehicle owner, a debit is initiated from his account. If this is not the case, the holder receives a penalty charge notice.

UHF technology allows toll collection in traffic without having to stop at a toll station. This allows an optimal flow of traffic for the users and reduces costs for the operator.

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