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New FEIG UHF RFID Gate Antenna Offers Outstanding Performance to Ease Bottlenecks, Eliminate False Alarms

RFID Portal Captures RFID Information to Manage People and Assets

Today FEIG ELECTRONIC introduced a new UHF Gate Antenna designed to detect the RFID tags that pass in-between the gate, provide an accurate count of individuals and record their direction of travel. Offering sophisticated software algorithms in a discreet, modern design, the FEIG U500 Gate Antenna is ideal for event management, retail loss prevention, and access control.

RFID readers and antennas combine to create a well-defined detection zone that provides the perfect solution to monitor doorways, corridors or entrance and exit points. From preventing theft by detecting tagged items, to reading RFID-enabled tickets to streamline event entry, FEIG’s integrated RFID portal systems keep people and things moving to avoid bottlenecks while safeguarding valuable assets.

“The new FEIG UHF Gate Antenna addresses a variety of challenging applications, ranging from event management and monitoring secure areas to retail loss prevention and patient tracking in hospitals,” said Klaus Schoeke, vice president of technical sales and support for FEIG. “A unique feature of our UHF Gate Antenna is the ability to identify both the item and the direction in which assets and people are traveling. This capability, in combination with FEIG’s highly sophisticated software algorithm, prevents false reads caused by UHF tags outside the portal or false alarms; for example, when a customer returns an item to a store rather than leaving with it.”

“The small size, integrated design and versatile color options of the FEIG UHF Gate Antenna, enables an unobtrusive system that fits into the aesthetics of the surroundings while protecting valuable assets,” said Carsten Berlips, senior product manager, FEIG ELECTRONIC, Germany.  “Plus the ability of FEIG’s software to suppress false alarms to eliminate unnecessary noise and inconvenience was important in the product design.”

The modern design of the FEIG U500 Gate Antenna includes alarm lights and the ability to work in stand-alone and EAS mode, as well as enabling a comfortable aisle width. Offering high read performance with 3D detection and an optional people counter, the UHF Gate Antenna is a versatile, cost-effective, integrated solution with easy installation.

Key features of the FEIG UHF Gate Antenna include:

  • Excellent RFID Performance
  • Modern Design
  • Comfortable Aisle Width
  • EAS/AFI Alarm Mode 
  • Integrated People Counter
  • Sophisticated Software Algorithm
  • False Alarm Suppression
  • Flexible Integration with SDKs for Windows, Linux, Java and more
  • International approvals: ETSI (Europe) - FCC (USA) - IC (Canada)
  • Dimensions: 506mm x 1102mm x 103 mm

To learn more about the new UHF Gate Antenna, visit FEIG in Booth 1333 at RFID Journal LIVE!, April 10-12 in Orlando, Florida.