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New-generation control systems offer even greater power reserves

With the TST FUZ2, a new generation of single-phase door control units with frequency converter replaces the previous TST FUS and TST FUZ control units.

The new door control family is available in three variants: -A (for balanced sectional doors), -B (for barriers and sliding doors) and -C/-CX (for high-speed doors). Depending on the variant, the control unit is available in a small (-A/-B/-C/-CX) or large plastic housing (-CG/-CXG). Alongside a large number of application-specific innovations, the improved motor management system is particularly significant. This ensures that the controllers are always ready for operation, even under the most challenging environmental conditions.

Improved motor management

Optimized motor management gives the control units additional power reserves to maintain door operation even under the most difficult ambient conditions (icing, high wind load). For this purpose, the controller automatically adapts its torque to the respective situation and, at the same time, ensures optimum power consumption by reducing the power again as soon as the adverse conditions have improved.

Uniform platform provides high rationalization potential

All variants of the TST FUZ2 fit into the new FEIG ELECTRONIC uniform platform concept. The only difference between all controllers with frequency converter (single-phase and three-phase) will be their respective performance. This allows gate operators to keep a large number of pre-assembled components available and to insert them into different controllers. Furthermore, the control units in the large housing (e.g. TST FUZ2-CGH/-CXGH) are equipped with the “Easy-Change-Frame” interchangeable frame. This enables the complete electronics assembly to be removed in one easy step. In other words, the electronics can be pre-assembled and then inserted onsite in the FEIG housing or in a separate housing following the Plug & Play principle.

Apps available for numerous application areas

Numerous on-board applications are available for rapid configuration of the controller. These apps are available for the application scenarios “high-speed door”, “door in escape and rescue routes”, “lock operation”, “sliding door” and “barrier”, and make the commissioning of the control system significantly easier. Further parameters can be set either directly by means of buttons on the device or by connecting the TST Toolbox, which is a special configuration software package.

Enlarged power supply unit provides power for even more accessories

The main PCB as well as optionally available extension boards offer numerous inputs and outputs, as well as plug-in card slots for various impulse generators. An increased power supply with 500 mA instead of 250 mA allows the simultaneous operation of even more accessories for controller variants -B, -C and -CX. For example, this enables integrated lock operation and traffic light control as well as oncoming traffic detection and suppression. Loop detectors and radio modules can naturally also be adapted.

New intelligent light curtain from FEIG ELECTRONIC

With the new intelligent light curtain by FEIG ELECTRONIC, the customer will in future receive an optimally coordinated “control & light curtain” package for object and personal protection. This entails a complete integration of the light curtain function into the controller. FEIG ELECTRONIC is the only supplier capable of achieving meaningful light curtain diagnoses and differentiating between safety and object protection. The light curtain eliminates the previously necessary safety edges and light barriers on the gate.