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NFC Booster for programming LED drivers according to Zhaga Book 25

ID ECCO Smart from FEIG allows for the first time the programming of LED drivers according to the new Zhaga Standard Book 25

The mobile NFC readers ID ECCO Smart HF-BLE and ID ECCO Smart 2D-HF-BLE from FEIG allow for the first time the programming of LED drivers according to the new Zhaga Standard Book 25. This offers new possibilities in the "field" programming of LED luminaires indoors and outdoors.

NFC programming is faster than traditional LED driver programming methods. It is more feature-rich and flexible than resistance-setting or wire-hoop techniques, and requires less training for production personnel.
The application software from the LED driver manufacturer enables each luminaire to be individually programmed during installation or repair and to provide the required parameters. With the help of the reader, these parameters can be written into the LED driver, read out or copied to other luminaires without the driver having to be connected to a power supply.

First reading devices available on the market according to Zhaga Book 25

FEIG ELECTRONIC is the first manufacturer offering two readers with its versions of the ID ECCO Smart in accordance with the Zhaga Book 25 standard. Zhaga Book 25 is the latest standard, which will be published at the end of 2021 by the Zhaga Consortium ( for programming LED lights in the field.

Mobile readers with powerful NFC / RFID interfaces and future-proof Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology

In addition to a powerful NFC output stage, the ID ECCO Smart HF-BLE offers a front and a bottom antenna with different detection areas.
This means that transponders are identified in a wide variety of orientations even in difficult metallic ambient conditions.
The latest Bluetooth LE 5.0 technology makes the device a future-proof investment for current and future mobile applications.

The integrated BLE profile corresponds to the Bluetooth communication protocol defined by standard Zhaga-Book 25. It enables frictionless communication between the ECCO Smart and the application software of the various manufacturers of NFC-compatible LED drivers. These apps are usually installed on a smart phone and offer various functions for configuring the LED drivers. In addition, the reader supports the protocol that is compatible with other FEIG readers.

The ID ECCO Smart 2D-HF-BLE combines NFC with barcode applications through an additional, powerful 2D barcode reading function. The data of the scanned barcodes can be written directly into an RFID / NFC transponder. The devices are used wherever the range of an NFC smartphone is insufficient for efficient work with barcodes and transponders or the environmental conditions require a more robust device.

Robust readers for indoor and outdoor applications in the lighting industry  

Thanks to the double-walled ABS plastic housing with protective rubber coating, the ID ECCO Smart can withstand falls from a height of 1.6 m onto concrete completely undamaged. Its protection class IP54 enables it to be used in dusty and damp environments, making the ID ECCO Smart a mobile NFC reader for
almost all environmental conditions. A long-life, high-capacity battery and the large, robust buttons of the ID ECCO Smart enable you to work safely with gloves on during assembly work outdoors.

The right RFID reader for every application in the lighting industry

FEIG offers numerous RFID readers for use in the lighting industry. When programming LED drivers, customers can choose between programming "piece by piece" with small devices for every workstation and powerful long-range applications for mass programming.
Mobile RFID & barcode scanners as well as an extensive product portfolio of stationary HF and UHF readers for further logistical processes in the supply chain complete the product range of FEIG ELECTRONIC.

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