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OEM payment terminals from FEIG have been operating in Portland´s ticketing system for more than one year

More than 1.000 cVEND plug are doing their job in validators and ticket cancellers

Over 1,000 cVEND terminals are installed in the account-based ticketing system with best-price accounting and provide the INIT background system MOBILEvario with the relevant passenger activities.

More than 1,000 cVEND plug payment terminals are doing their job reliably in the electronic ticket system in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area.
Integrated into validators and ticket cancellers of the implementing system integrator, they accept both, electronic customer cards (closed loop) as well as debit and credit cards (open loop) and their equivalents in the wallet of a mobile phone. In addition, the system has recently adopted the world's first account-based, regonal virtual public transport smart card in Google Pay.
The new ticketing system enables the three transport operators involved to reduce boarding times, improve punctuality and reduce the costly amount of cash in the system.

In addition to fast and convenient payment, the user gets another advantage that makes the system so unique: the daily and even monthly capping of the fare. If the passenger makes so many single journeys on one day that their total costs exceed those of a day ticket, only the day ticket will be charged automatically. On a monthly basis, the system works accordingly. And not only that: the integrator´s system even integrates various transport providers, which you can change as you like. If you change with a more expensive train ticket on the bus there are no additional costs. If transferring to a higher-priced service, the fare difference will be deducted from the customer´s account.

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