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Reliable data acquisition without mistakes

thanks to innovative technology in the desktop reader ID SPAD.U

Bulk identification of UHF RFID transponders is now possible with the desktop reader ID SPAD.U without incorrect bookings due to interference. Unwanted stray reads are suppressed thanks to metallic shielding on five sides and innovative filtering - the automatic identification process is now almost error-free and reliable.

In numerous industries, components, products or inventoried stocks are identified using RFID transponders. The goal: seamless tracking of the individual objects.
With the ID SPAD.U, FEIG offers a high-performance UHF desktop reader that, thanks to an integrated digital filter, effectively prevents unwanted transponder identification - with high reading performance at the same time.
The device can be used both in USB communication mode and in HID (Human Interface Device) mode. Predefined profiles facilitate configuration.

More process reliability thanks to the suppression of unwanted stray reads

With the ID SPAD.U, FEIG has developed a particularly flat and powerful desktop reader for UHF RFID tags that minimizes incorrect readings. It reliably reads transponder data from objects that are directly above the reader. Thanks to an innovative filter function it hides those tags that are also in the immediate vicinity of the reader but should not be read at all. The functional design of the reader also contributes to this: The integrated antenna is shielded on five sides so that the reading performance is concentrated on the tags located above the ID SPAD.U. Usefull: The device provides visual feedback during identification using colored LEDs - the integrated buzzer also provides the user with feedback.

One solution for several markets and applications

RFID transponders are now used in many areas to clearly identify objects. The ID SPAD.U is therefore designed in such a way that it can show its strengths primarily in the following markets and applications:

Items of laundry and entire stacks of laundry can be booked in and out of the system for current orders safely and clearly.

Databases on existing and borrowed media are kept up-to-date thanks to automatic identification.

Medical products, patient files or drugs can be transparently managed and tracked in clinics and research institutes.

Industrial KANBAN systems can be expanded to include the ID SPAD.U for digital inventory management and consumption monitoring.

Document tracking
Documents and files can be checked in and out within seconds and enables transparent real-time tracking.

Bulk identification of transponders in logistical processes saves time and personnel costs compared to traditional, manual identification.

Perfect performance on site - individually adaptable

The specific requirements for the desktop reader vary depending on the context in which the ID SPAD.U is used. Therefore, FEIG relies on a user-friendly configuration option for the device parameters via a USB connection. For example, the transmission power from 50 mW can be optimally adapted to local needs in small steps. Even the filter can be individually adapted to the application and the transponder used within seconds. Individual configuration profiles can be loaded with one click.

Whether laundry, archive or industrial production - the ID SPAD.U is the clever solution for a fast and secure detection of UHF RFID tags in everyday life.






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