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RFID based Baggage Tracking at airports

Both airlines and airport operators and ground handling service providers are challenged on a daily basis to ensure that no baggage is lost. Basically with success. According to the International Aviation Organization, today 99.5 percent of all baggage arrives at the scheduled time together with the associated passenger at the planned location. The 0.5 percent misshandled bags add up to around 23 million only in 2018. At around $ 100 on average per suitcase for research or replacement, airlines have costs of $ 2.3 billion a year. Reason enough for the IATA to adopt measures that provide transparency in baggage handling. RFID will be the technology of choice.

"The handling of suitcases and bags outside the automated conveying and sorting technology is a perfect field of application for the HyWEAR compact, so that the employees always have both hands free to grasp and lift, and a clear identification of every single piece of luggage ", Andreas Binder outlines a third use case scenario for the HyWEAR compact.


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