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Secure Element ensures Secure Vehicle Identification

UHF Long Range Reader LRU1002 contains secure key store

The FEIG ELECTRONIC UHF Long Range Reader ID ISC.LRU1002 has a secure key store and thus provides numerous applications with a very high security level.

Optimal hardware for secure toll- and vehicle access control systems

Toll and access control systems have to offer a maximum of security. They must ensure that third parties can not use infrastructure for free by cloned transponders and only authorized persons are allowed to use their vehicles to drive through the relevant facilities. For this purpose, the vehicle owners receive transponders as identification medium or access authorization. Both, these transponders and the LRU1002, are provided with so-called application keys, which clearly identify them as registered users or access authorizations of the respective system. These application keys can not be copied when attempting to clone a transponder, so that the cloned transponder is recognized as not authorized by the LRU1002. This gives the vehicle no access and the registered user of the cloned transponder no financial burden. For this level of security special transponders with an ISO standard 29167 encryption method must be used, which are fully supported by the LRU1002.

In the industry too, the call for greater security is becoming louder

However, the Secure Element of the LRU1002 not only meets the increased security requirements of customers in toll and access control systems.
In the area of industrial production, the demands for more safety are also increasing in the course of the implementation of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.
It would be fatal if cloned transponders could enter the production cycle and could cause a complete production system to crash if these cloned transponders initiate incorrect production steps with defective or not required output as a result.

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