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Simplify maintenance with RFID technology and compact RFID/barcode readers

The unique identification of equipment and machines using RFID transponders or barcodes enables transparent documentation over the entire life cycle. Rapid identification of parts by means of the mobile RFID/barcode reader ECCO+ simplifies the workflow – even under particularly challenging conditions

Compliance with service intervals and maintenance work on machines, equipment and components is a basic prerequisite for trouble-free operation and maximum service life. Servicing or maintenance orders need to be carried out on plant and machinery as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether this involves service efficiency, production shutdowns or dissatisfied users, every minute ultimately ends up costing money. For fast problem solving and complete documentation, components can be clearly identified using RFID and barcode technology. However, there is often little space on machines, equipment and components. For this reason, very small RFID transponders are usually used to provide unique identification in places that are difficult to access. To accelerate work processes, the right detection device is essential.

Versatile and practical: ECCO+

The ECCO+ RFID/barcode reader from FEIG ELECTRONIC combines high performance with maximum practical usability. This compact and handy device detects HF and UHF RFID tags as well as barcodes. ECCO+ can also read and rewrite RFID transponders. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth or WLAN to a notebook, tablet PC, smartphone or Smart Glass. Because the device has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments, it is almost completely impervious to shocks or vibrations and can be easily operated, even when wearing thick work gloves.

Optimally adapted to the challenges of everyday working life

NFC-enabled smartphones are also used to capture RFID tags. In practical use, however, these devices have a number of disadvantages. For example, the display is sensitive to impacts. Furthermore, detection can generally only be triggered without gloves or with special capacitive touch screen variants. This makes handling unnecessarily difficult in many areas. In addition, small transponders – especially if they are attached to metal surfaces or surrounded by metal – cannot be reliably detected using this technology. Thanks to its compact design, ECCO+ can be brought closer to the transponder or barcode when space is limited. What’s more, the high-performance reader unit even detects RFID tags accurately in metallic environments.

Fiber optic cables – correctly wired thanks to RFID system and ECCO+

Italy is forging ahead with the construction and expansion of the fiber optic network in the country. Fiber optic lines for individual buildings are bundled in distribution boxes. Inside these boxes, cable and port are paired with each other via RFID tags and are thereby explicitly assigned to the buildings and stored in the central system with the corresponding documentation. In the event of a fault, fitters are able to quickly find the cable to the building or the fault in the system without mixing them up. For this purpose, many fitters and installation companies are equipped with ECCO+ devices. In one case, the RFID data of the ECCO+ is transferred to a tablet via Bluetooth and is visualized there. The result is accelerated troubleshooting, fewer errors and complete documentation of maintenance work.


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