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UHF Technology from FEIG protects Russian Gated Communities

Only authorized persons have access to private areas

In every city of the world, there is a lack of parking spaces and residents are annoyed everywhere on unauthorized parked vehicles on their parking sites. Even in Moscow, the Russian metropolis with about 12 million inhabitants, vehicles park wherever it´s possible. With RFID-based access control systems, unauthorized vehicles are denied access to the parking areas and only residents and temporarily authorized persons are given access to the grounds by a transponder approved in the system. The UHF readers can be installed in a host-controlled network as well as used as a stand-alone solution completely autonomously. Both solutions guarantee the highest level of security against cloned transponders and maximum comfort, as you neither have to stop nor open the window or even get out in order to authenticate yourself – that´s an issue especially in the cold Russian winters.

Our Russian distribution partner ISBC has been equipping access control systems with FEIG's UHF reader technology for years, whether it's accessing private residential areas, a university campus or companies.

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