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With familiy friendliness against skills shortage

The childrens´s day-care center of the city of Weilburg wins a second time the special prize of the competition „Success Factor Family“

„Under the stars“, is the name of the children's day-care center, which has been operated successfully since 2007 by companies of the city of Weilburg for the children of their employees. The community project has now been awarded a second time with the special prize for family friendliness in the competition "Success Factor Family". For this purpose, the working group "Family-Friendly Company" of the local alliance of Limburg-Weilburg has asked 30 companies and institutions from the district to discuss issues related to the reconciliation of family and work.

The WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH, FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH, Kreisparkasse Weilburg and the Public Services Weilburg GmbH want to make their employees a family-friendly offer with the children's day-care center, in close cooperation with the city of Weilburg. The partners have teamed up to finance the project. The costs for personnel and equipment are shared and the premises as well as the management are provided by the city of Weilburg.

The success is obvious, since the children's day-care center of the companies of Weilburg, which was opened in 2007, now offers 20 places and is to be expanded. In 2015, the participants of the model project also extended the cooperation agreement until the year 2021. Thomas Nahrgang, HR manager at FEIG ELECTRONIC, explains that the children's day-care center is not only well received by the current employees. "We are growing very strongly and are looking for new employees. Especially here in rural Weilburg, we are particularly aware of the shortage of skilled workers. The company-owned facility is an important plus when we are looking for new specialists and executives."

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