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UHF Long Range Antenna circular 65°

ID ANT.U270/270

Circular polarized antennas for UHF operating frequencies between 865-928 MHz

  • Dimensions: 270x270x57mm (WxHxD)
  • compatible readers:
    ID LRU1002-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU3000-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU3500-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID MRU102-EU/-FCC Mid Range Reader
    ID MRMU102-EU/-FCC UHF Mid Range Reader Module
  • Antenna connection: Koax cable (H155) RG58, SMA socket

Special Features:

  • Two antenna cables lengths available (2 m and 6 m)
  • Mounting set for easy installation available

Data Sheet Egypt

Data sheet (pdf 3 MB)

ID ISC.ANT.U270/270