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UHF Near Field Antenna

ID ANT.U82/82

Cost-effective UHF antenna with a very compact design and a clearly defined reading field.

  • Dimensions: 82 mm x 82 mm x 9.5 mm
  • Suitable readers:
    ID LRU1002-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU1002X-EU/-FCC Industrial UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU3000-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU3500-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID MRU102-EU/-FCC UHF Mid Range Reader
    ID MRMU102-EU/-FCC UHF Mid Range Reader Module
  • Antenna connector: SMA (female)

Special features:

  • Very small form factor and high performance
  • Defined near-field reading area
  • Ideal for enclosed spaces
  • Worldwide usable due to wide frequency range (864-928 MHz)


Data sheet (pdf 171 KB)

Produktbild der RFID-Antenne U82/82