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Wiegand Switch


Solution for multilane vehicle access control

The Wiegand Switch ID ISC.LR.WS-A is a smart and cost-effective solution for multilane vehicle access control installations. With just one UHF reader the Wiegand Switch allows to control two independent lanes (e.g. entry and exit). Depending on a reading event at a specific antenna, the Switch transmits the Wiegand signal to the particular input of the access control panel. The access is only allowed at the specific lane. The Wiegand Switch enables a reliable access control of two independent lanes.

Special features:

    • Cost-effective Wiegand solution for 2 lanes
    • Display of the active output channel
    • Compact housing
    • Easy installation
    • DIN rail mounting
    • Supports several FEIG RFID readers
    • Automatic signal improvement in case of communication problems

    Data sheet (pdf 2 MB)