Intelligent safety light curtain*

for power-operated doors and gates


The TST LGB door line light curtain is a TÜV-approved, EN 12978-compliant, zero-contact safety device for power-operated doors and gates with the following highlights:

Special features:

  • Tamper-protected, safe form of door blanking by direct connection with a position detector
  • Longer door life cycles thanks to an intelligent, material-preserving hold mechanism
  • Full integration in the door controller, i.e.

    • Plain text diagnosis instead of flash codes
    • Automatic teaching in of the closed position
    • Alignment and setup assistance during installation
    • Numerous adaptation options, such as blanking and displaying beams

  • Easy installation thanks to compact cross-section (12 mm x 22 mm)
  • High ambient light resistance

* Europe-wide protected for a customer for the door and gate industry.
   Only for information of the technical possibilities. No sale.

Data sheet (pdf 734 KB)