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1- / 2 channel loop detector for vehicle detection

in plastic housing for direct mounting on DIN rail


The induction loop detectors of the MNH series guarantee extremely reliable detection of vehicles. The settings via the DIP switches enable a simple and rapid start up.

The diagnostic and service software offers a powerful tool in case trouble shooting and for advance settings of functions as the sensitivity or switching hysteresis. 

Special Features:

  • New design with multi coloured plug in terminals
  • Basic settings easily adjustable with DIP switches
  • Advanced settings via software
  • USB interface for using modern diagnostic and service software
  • Wide AC / DC supply voltage range
  • Wide temperature range
  • Transistor output version for applications with high operating cycles
  • Automatic system adjustment directly after power on
  • Galvanic isolation between loop and detector electronics
  • Sensitivity adjustment independent of loop inductivity
  • Continuous readjustment of frequency drifts in order to avoid environmental influences
  • Mode ‘direction indication’ for VEK MNH2
  • Adjustments for relay operation – pulse & presence
  • LEDs for indication and fault detection

Data sheet (pdf 442 KB)

Schleifendetektor VEK MNH2