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Über die Vorteile von RFID im Einsatz mit Medizingeräten

RFID-Lösungen im Gesundheitswesen erhöhen die Patientensicherheit, sorgen für sichereren Einsatz medizinischer Ausstattung und ermöglichen eine effiziente Bestandsführung.Lesen Sie dazu einen Beitrag von Mike Hrabina, VP von FEIG ELECTRONICS in den USA.

Taking Advantage Of RFID's Expanding Role In Medical Devices

RFID technology application in medical and healthcare circles is nothing new. It could almost be perceived as ubiquitous. But, if one only considers RFID capability as a data carrier, comparable to a bar code, the technology’s growing dynamism is overlooked. With expanded features, greater computing power, lowered costs, and rich data streams, medical and healthcare RFID is innovative, disruptive, and transformative to processes and, potentially, to entire business models.

The thing is, medical applications using RFID have a few — ok, a lot — more performance and regulatory hoops to jump through to achieve compliance in the complex environments in which they operate, particularly when used as, or in conjunction with, medical devices. Just how heavy is that regulatory burden?

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