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Flexible UHF Antenna in different lengths for individually tailored RFID reading zones

  • Available in four different variants (see table below):

  • suitable readers:
    ID LRU1002-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU3000-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU3500-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID LRU1002X-EU/-FCC UHF Long Range Reader
    ID MRU102-EU/-FCC UHF Mid Range Reader
    ID MRMU102-EU/-FCC UHF Mid Range Reader Module

Special features:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Antenna can be easily shaped in any form that is needed

    Antenne kann leicht in jede benötigte Form gebracht werden


  • Antenna is perfectly suitable for metallic environments
  • No reflections and interferences
  • Tuning is very simple

Data sheet (pdf 3 MB)