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Automated barriers and bollards

Smooth, fast processes in parking areas are dependent on barrier and bollard systems. FEIG offers powerful FI controls and reliable induction loop sensors for this purpose. RFID components can be used to implement complete systems for secure access control from a single source. 

Maximum reliability
thanks to secure system communication

Safety and reliability are at the heart of the operation of barriers and bollards for access control. Failures or faulty openings and closings endanger the safety of traffic and parking spaces. This is why we rely on top-quality components that are easy to couple and communicate reliably with each other. Whether it’s FI controls, induction loop sensors, RFID readers or payment terminals, operational reliability and efficiency are guaranteed at all times. 

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Optimal traffic flow
thanks to high-performance solutions

Controls with frequency converters provide sufficient power. They allow the barrier boom to start slowly, accelerate to maximum speed and brake heavily again. As a result, the processes are both fast and gentle on the material. Induction loop sensors in front of and behind the barrier reliably detect vehicles, and transmit the opening and closing signals to the system to ensure the maximum efficiency for traffic flow. 

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Cost-efficient system solutions
with components from a single source

FEIG offers FI controls and induction loop sensors for simple, reliable automation of barrier systems and bollards. FEIG also offers components for vehicle identification and payment. FEIG is your one-stop provider of sophisticated system solutions for parking applications, from indoor parking to access control. 

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Moscow has managed to realize high-security access control for barriers. You can find out how in our white paper.

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Products for Barriers and Bollards

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Find out how easy it is to automate barriers and bollards in our webinar on modern access control

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Applications for barriers and bollards

  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Parking areas
  • Commercial and industrial sites
  • Logistics centers

Detailed Information

Case Study Moscow City

Case Study Moscow City


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