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Flexible traffic controls on traffic signals

Ensure efficient traffic management with intelligent traffic light circuits. Whether it’s time or prioritization controls, multi-channel detectors from FEIG detect the signals of the induction loops, pass on this information according to the situation and enable intelligent traffic light sequences. 

Smooth traffic thanks to situational
traffic management

The intelligent signal processing of FEIG’s induction loop sensors enables logic-based control of traffic lights. They identify the presence and direction of road users. If no one drives through on green, the system returns to red faster, thereby ensuring optimal traffic flow. 4-channel detectors provide performance and reliability for situational traffic management - at temperatures between -20°C and +70°C. 

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Application-specific configurations thanks to
a wide range of parameterization options

Maximum flexibility for use in practice: The 4-channel traffic detectors VEK M4D and VEK M4DC are programmable and accommodate up to 9 directional logics. Their sensitivity can be regulated in 256 steps. Whether it’s in a plastic housing for DIN rail mounting or as a 19" board, the induction loop sensors can be individually integrated into the on-site system and ensure reliable signal transmission. 

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Products for Light Signal Systems

Applications for induction loop detectors

  • Intersections
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Construction sites
  • Parking garage counts

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