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High-performance FI controls for high-speed doors

High-speed doors are characterized by high speeds that enable goods to flow between halls. The consequence of these peak speeds is high load changes which put great strain on the material. Modern FEIG FI controls enable fast closing and opening cycles, thus reducing queuing times in front of the doors and heat loss - while minimizing material wear. We call this intelligent door management.

Powerful and intelligent

Powerful and intelligent

Even in demanding environmental conditions such as high wind loads or icing, FEIG FI controls enable safe and trouble-free door operation. The torque automatically adapts to the respective situation. In the process, power and energy consumption are regulated independently to ensure reliable and cost-efficient high-speed doors.

Safe and material-friendly

Safe and material-friendly

High speeds and opening frequencies put a strain on the entire door construction. Thanks to Intelligent Door Management, the frequency inverter control relieves the entire door mechanism and ensures wear-free processes with smooth starting and braking. The service life of the high-speed doors thus increases significantly, while optimizing operating procedures and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Simple installation

Simple installation

The FU controls for high-speed doors can be installed quickly and conveniently thanks to extensive presettings for standard door systems and a self-learning automatic configuration. Onboard applications also ensure effortless configuration of the doors to meet specific on-site requirements.

Standardized platform, lower costs

Standardized platform, lower costs

FEIG’s innovative platform concept ensures high rationalization potential. Door operators can stock large quantities of pre-assembled components and install them in a wide variety of control systems. In the case of FI controls in large housings, the entire electronics can be replaced in a single operation thanks to the Easy-Change Frame. In practice, all this means maximum flexibility with minimum effort.

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Applications for high-speed doors

  • Industry
  • Cold stores
  • Logistics
  • Retail trade
  • Food industry
  • Automotive industry

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