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Efficient media handling in libraries thanks to reliable RFID solutions

Make borrowing and returning books, magazines, CDs, and other media as convenient as possible. FEIG offers you the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s real-time inventories using intelligent shelving or bulk detection of media during return, you can simplify media handling by automating processes.

Maximum theft protection
thanks to 100% detection rate at the gates

Discreet and extremely reliable: With their slim, transparent design, passage widths of up to 160 cm, and up to 6 passages, FEIG’s gate solutions can be inconspicuously integrated into any entrance area. Powerful RFID technology and directional logic allows reliable detection of any media leaving the library. If media have not been checked out beforehand, the system will sound an alarm, even if several people leave the building with a large number of media at the same time. This gives you a simple way to maximize theft protection. 

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Great cost-saving potential
thanks to intuitive self-service terminals

Self-service terminals are becoming increasingly popular as they relieve employees and ensure greater workflow efficiency. People at self-service counters can automatically check out several items of media stacked on top of each other on shielded pad antennas. Contactless identification of the reader is possible using a library card and takes place in seconds via another HF-RFID reader. This means faster borrowing without having to wait in line at a counter. Your staff can therefore perform other tasks, which reduces your operating costs in the long term. 

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High flexibility
thanks for customized solutions for automated returns

Quick, uncomplicated returns increases user satisfaction. With RFID antennas from FEIG, you can design return systems that reliably detect a large number of media at once, add them to your inventory and book them out of the customer account via bulk detection. Even complex sorting systems can be automated with mid-range and long-range solutions from FEIG using RFID tags. All RFID readers and antennas communicate uniformly via the same protocol, which minimizes the amount of work required for integration when installing such systems. 

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Simplify inventory and media searching
thanks to smart shelving and reliable handhelds

Whether it’s manual inventory or real-time inventory control, powerful RFID systems offer maximum reliability and efficiency for media management. Our ID PRH200 handheld reader offers up to 16 hours of performance, a boost mode, and searching for specific media. This make it possible to quickly find lost or incorrectly sorted media. Long-range readers, multiplexers and antennas can also be used to turn normal shelves into smart shelves. Antennas in the shelves ensure permanent real-time inventory, detect incorrectly sorted media and reduce the inventory management workload. 

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Discover all the details and find out all about the options for applying intelligent RFID systems in libraries.

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