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Powerful RFID solutions for healthcare

FEIG ELECTRONIC has concentrated on providing RFID reader solutions for the healthcare industry to identify, track, locate and authenticate medical equipment, healthcare supplies and help improve patient care and safety.

Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Management

Enable accurate tracking solutions of medical supplies and equipment to allow hospitals to focus on patent care. RFID based inventory systems monitor the current stock of various assets which are used in hospitals and laboratories: medicine and reagents, blood- and plasma bags, surgical instruments, textiles and many more.

Quite often intelligent cabinets or smart shelves are the basis for such inventory systems; mid range or long range readers, multiplexers and often customized antennas are installed in cabinets and shelves for permanent inventory of the assets. Access to this furniture is managed by additional access control systems, based on RFID, too.

Greater Patient Safety and Care

Greater Patient Safety and Care

Provide accurate patient identification, monitor status and provide alerts at the point of care. Every patient in hospital has one goal: to leave the hospital as fast as possible. So every patient has to receive the best possible care by minimum duration of dwell. Using RFID for patient identification provides best care due to optimized processes: this begins in a 100% clear assignment of patient files to the right patients as the basis for any treatment and ends in arranging a perfect sequence of treatment steps for the patients. RFID monitored treatment steps inform about existing bottlenecks and show how to use own capacites for realizing a fast and secure treatment at the same time.

Medical Equipment Identification

Medical Equipment Identification

Easily comply with UDI, safety and audit regulations and track medical equipment location, status and utilization. In the same way you have to install an inventory management for assets like medicine or blood bags, a management system for identification of medical equipment like ventilators or beds is necessary! To realize perfect patient safety and care you have to know which medical equipment is really ready for use and where it is (in use, out for maintenance, on stock). Optimization of logistical processes like bed logistics is another scenario for using RFID technology.

Secure Monitoring of Consumables

Secure Monitoring of Consumables

Provide usage of the right consumables and ensure rejection of reagents with expired shelf life of processes. Handling consumables belongs to the daily work in hospital. For using medical equipment like ventilators or other devices in the operation room, several hoses, lasers or other consumables have to be connected. These consumables have to be clean and in the right size to prevent treatment errors. Equipped with a tag, a RFID reader installed in the medical device identifies each consumable and causes an alert when a wrong or already used consumable is connected. In the same way reagents for automatic diagnostics are under control: as soon as the expiration of the durability date approaches, the RFID-based system sends a message and after reaching the shelf life date the system does not work any longer, automatically.

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Portrait Suneil Mandava

Suneil Mandava
President, Mobile Aspects

"FEIG ELECTRONIC is a logical and reliable partner for the IRIScope solution, delivering industry leading RFID technology developed trough years of experience serving the healthycare industry."

Portrait Ellie Lee

Ellie Lee
Manager OR Information Management Services, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

"RFID registers all relevant information in real time without an employee having to manually enter data into a computer. This provides more time for nursing and patient care services."

Healthcare Applications

  • Patient identification
  • Medical document control
  • Managing surgical instruments
  • Automated replenishment and billing
  • Authenticate sterilization processes
  • Medical equipment location
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Laundry and uniform management
  • Pharmaceutical and drug management
  • Hospital personnel, vehicle and asset access control
Abbildung des Whitepaper Healthcare

White Paper Reveals Healthcare RFID and the Standards for RF Enabled Medical Devices

FEIG ELECTRONIC is the top choice for medical device manufacturers looking to integrate RFID into medical devices. Our new report shows the importance of medical device safety for various applications and complying with ISO60601.


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