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Automate your warehouse management with e-Kanban systems and smart ordering

Smart order systems and e-Kanban systems facilitate electronic inventory management by using a trigger to automatically organize orders according to actual demand. This spells an end to stagnant processes and production downtimes caused by incorrectly reported warehouse and goods inventories. Time-consuming and error-prone manual ordering of goods is a thing of the past with FEIG.

Simple and secure warehouse management thanks to
reliable hardware and software for RFID and barcode

Ensure secure and easy inventory management with minimal effort: Our barcode- and RFID-based system is equipped with EMMWare Scout software. The hardware can be integrated into any popular e-commerce system and facilitates inventory management by automatically placing orders. Scanning the part and location number makes it immediately apparent whether the part has been delivered to its destination. And it doesn’t matter if parts, small load carriers and boxes are marked with 1D/2D barcodes or RFID tags. 

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Real-time inventory management thanks to
automated goods orders

Flexibly adapt orders to real-time operations. Material information of scanned parts is sent directly to the e-commerce platform via integrated EMMWare Scout software, without having to go into your customers’ IT infrastructure. Automated goods ordering of goods minimizes incorrect orders and ensures smooth operational processes. Up-to-date inventory management also helps you avoid expensive returns and unnecessary effort. 

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Maximum cost efficiency
with automated processes

Provide your supplier customers with cost-effective inventory cost management. RFID scanning allows quick, accurate recording of inventory changes, automatic order forwarding and highly efficiently order processing for both sides. The system usually pays for itself after just a few months of use and strengthens customer loyalty thanks to the convenient workflow. 

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Maximum customer satisfaction
thanks to error-free deliveries

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen long-term trade relationships with smooth logistics processes. Powerful e-Kanban systems and automated inventory monitoring prevent erroneous order lists and incorrect deliveries. This results in fewer returns, a significant reduction in stock shortfalls and significantly more efficient logistics processes. 

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If you want to boost the efficiency of your warehouse logistics, discover how you can easily optimize your goods management on our logistics landing page

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Products for e-Kanban applications

Applications in the field of Smart Order Solution

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Ordering and logistics of consumables
  • eKanban
  • Refill Control
  • Milkrun

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