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Thomas Nahrgang
HR Manager
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Thomas Nahrgang
HR Manager
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We’re delighted that you are interested in working at FEIG.

Before sending your application, we recommend reading through the following tips. This will help you understand what's important to us and how the application process works.

1. Follow-up by e-mail in urgent cases:

Please refrain from following up with a phone call. You can find all the information you need about the application process and working at FEIG on our careers page. If anything is still unclear, please contact us by e-mail at karriere@feig.de.

2. Vacancies are always up to date:

Positions advertised on our website are vacant. A position will continue to be advertised until we have found a suitable person for the role. When a job has been definitively filled, we immediately take it down from the website.

3. Speculative applications:

If you do not find a suitable advertised position, you can send us a speculative application. We will add you to our candidate pool and contact you as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

4. Full set of documents:

Please only send us a complete set of application documents. For us, this means that your application should consist of five things:

  1. Covering letter with up-to-date contact details 
  2. CV/resume 
  3. Employment references and evidence of qualifications 
  4. Earliest start date 
  5. Salary expectations.

Only with these complete documents can we assess your application properly and give you fully informed feedback.

5. Alternative positions at FEIG:

In some cases your application might be assessed against other vacancies. The more information you provide in your application, the more quickly we can get back to you.

6. Applications by e-mail:

We recommend sending your application by e-mail to karriere@feig.de. There are no limitations on file size. Sending us your documents by e-mail makes the whole application process easier for us and for you. Applications received by e-mail are easier for us to process. For you, it’s cheaper and quicker. And when you apply by e-mail, we can send you a confirmation of receipt so you know that your application has reached us safely. Please only send your application to karriere@feig.de and not to any other FEIG e-mail address. Applications sent to other e-mail addresses cannot be processed.

7. Please be patient:

We give every application the necessary attention. Please note that a detailed assessment may take some time. Every applicant receives a carefully considered response.

8. Invitation to interview:

If we decide to invite you to interview, we will contact you by phone or in writing to arrange a date and time with plenty of notice. You must therefore provide up-to-date contact details (e-mail address, postal address and phone number). Please confirm the date and time promptly.

9. Welcome to your interview:

An interview normally lasts 60 to 90 minutes. You will make a stronger impression if you have researched FEIG Electronic in depth beforehand. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. For us, it's a good interview when everyone’s questions are answered.

10. Security is important to us:

We handle your personal details in accordance with the guidelines of the European General Data Protection Regulation as well as the latest German Federal Data Protection Act. Your data will be deleted at the end of the application process. For more information (for example regarding your data subject rights) please refer to our privacy policy.