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Reversing contactor and FI controls for maximum flexibility and safety

Rolling, folding and sectional doors are primarily used to reliably close garages and entrances to production halls. Depending on the required speed and closing cycles, both controls with frequency inverters (FIs) and reversing contactors are installed. Regardless of the requirements on site, FEIG control systems enable material-friendly operation and offer maximum reliability and safety - combined with simple integration and configuration.

Intelligent controls for a wide range of applications

Intelligent controls for a wide range of applications

With FEIG controls, OEM manufacturers, door suppliers and service companies all have the opportunity to react flexibly to individual customer requirements. Powerful FI controls enable high opening and closing speeds together with maximum material protection. The frequency inverters ensure that the doors start slowly, then reach maximum speed and are strongly braked again before reaching the end position, without putting too much strain on the construction of the door. Controls with reversing contactors are also available. Both variants offer extensive configuration options for highly flexible gate functionality.

Fast installation and customization

Fast installation and customization

Thanks to extensive presettings for standard door systems and a self-learning automatic configuration, FEIG controls can be easily and conveniently installed. Onboard applications enable rapid configuration and setting of parameters for rolling, folding and sectional doors, in accordance with the respective requirements.

Standardized platform, lower costs

Standardized platform, lower costs

FEIG’s innovative platform concept ensures high rationalization potential. Door operators can stock large quantities of pre-assembled components and install them in a wide variety of control systems. With FI controls in large housings, the entire electronics can be replaced in a single operation thanks to the Easy-Change Frame. In practice, this translates into high flexibility with minimum effort.

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Applications for rolling, folding and sectional doors

  • Industrial, logistics and warehouses
  • Commercial halls
  • Retail trade
  • Agricultural halls
  • Fire stations
  • Multi-storey car parks

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