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Greater efficiency in site protection with controls for speed gates and sliding gates

Sliding gates and speed gates are the first choice for perimeter protection. Frequency inverter controls are particularly material-friendly, especially for extreme load changes and high speeds. RFID readers and induction loop sensors also help with automation. Security measures can be very conveniently designed. 

Safety for sensitive areas thanks to
reliable and robust controls

Sliding gates and speed gates offer a special level of security for entrances to industrial sites, harbors, police stations, public utilities, multi-storey car parks or prisons. FEIG gate controls are easy to handle and very safe. Even demanding environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures or humidity are no problem. Our FI controls also manage frequent and rapid load changes masterfully and effortlessly in practical operation. Optional SURA-6 safety bars ensure the greatest possible personal protection.

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Gentle on materials even at high speeds

Solid speed gates open and close in a few seconds, thereby placing strain on the entire door mechanism. Frequency inverter controls are particularly important for gates with a width of more than ten meters. They protect the material via smooth starting and breaking while ensuring efficient operating processes. This significantly extends the service life of the material and mechanics of the speed gates and sliding gates. 

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Simple installation thanks to presettings
and on-board applications

Thanks to extensive presettings for standard door systems and a self-learning automatic configuration, FI controls can be quickly, easily and conveniently installed. Onboard applications also ensure effortless configuration and customization to meet the requirements of the respective site protection system. 

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Great design flexibility thanks to a wide
portfolio of components

Every site protection system places individual demands on the electronic system. With a wide range of control and sensor solutions, FEIG provides all components from a single source. Induction loop sensors, RFID readers and gate controls ensure the safe and convenient operation of speed gates and sliding gates. This gives you a high degree of flexibility in the design of your safety systems. 

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Products for site security

Applications for speed gates and sliding gates

  • Perimeter protection
  • Parking facilities
  • Industrial areas
  • Critical safety areas

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