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The Tobacco Terminal

Contactless payment terminal, optimized for cigarette machines

At a time when digital transformation is affecting all industries, the tobacco industry is also showing itself to be progressive. Waking up the machine, age verification, reserving the amount and issuing goods by presenting the card once, is increasingly becoming a standard in the market. FEIG, a leading German company for payment & RFID solutions, has responded to this trend and developed the state-of-the-art contactless card payment terminal cVEND compact LTE, optimized for cigarette machines - The Tobacco Terminal.

The Tobacco Terminal meets the specific needs of the tobacco industry and gives a valuable contribution to increasing efficiency and transparency for vending machine operators. With the current software update, the cVEND compact LTE becomes an ideal companion for convenient, secure and quick purchasing transactions at outdoor and indoor tobacco vending machines.

Various payment options and card support

The terminal accepts a wide range of common payment cards and mobile wallets - including girocard, Visa, V-Pay, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Maestro, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. This extensive acceptance of common payment methods and payment cards issued by credit institutions worldwide allows end customers to choose their preferred payment method, resulting in a smooth and customer-friendly purchasing process.

Made in Germany, easy installation and retrofitting

Both, production as well as hardware and software development of the FEIG terminals are located in Germany. This enables reliable, short-term and fast delivery from stock.
Cigarette machines that are not currently equipped with a cVEND terminal can easily be retrofitted with the new terminals. Installation is carried out using four drill holes and a cable entry, with no large cut-out required. Using an optionally available drilling pattern adapter, the terminals can also be installed where a device from another manufacturer was previously installed; the compact design of the terminal without internal hardware makes installation even easier.

LTE module for optimal outdoor connection

A particularly important aspect of the cVEND compact LTE for the tobacco industry is the LTE connection. In addition to a modem and antenna, the tobacco terminal contains a slot for a conventional SIM card for free choice of mobile phone provider. Of course, the terminal can alternatively be connected to the Internet via LAN or optionally via a WLAN bridge and is therefore suitable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications.

Contactless payment for maximum convenience during the purchasing process

The demand for fast and secure payment options at cigarette machines that are suitable for outdoor use is increasing. With the cVEND compact LTE, end users are offered the highest possible convenience when paying contactless at tobacco vending machines. The purchasing process is kept as simple as possible and is therefore identical to the defined industry standard of the BDTA (Federal Association of German Tobacco Wholesalers and Vending Machine Operators). All you have to do is presenting the card once to wake up the machine, reserve the amount including child protection check, select the product and issue the goods. In countries outside Germany, additional measures to enable age verification may be required, as this option is linked to the use of the girocard.

Ideal weather resistance and durability

The Tobacco Terminal is versatile and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The protection class IP65 plays a crucial role, especially outdoors. Successful long-term tests show the stability of the terminal even in difficult and unstable weather conditions.   
In accordance with the special outdoor requirements, the wake-up behavior and power requirements of the terminal were optimized, which ensures smooth operation of battery- and solar-powered outdoor cigarette machines. This is made possible by the efficient low-power sleep mode and an improved wake-up sensor, which reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

The terminal is also characterized by its high level of vandalism resistance with protection class IK10. This feature makes it ideal for reliable and long-lasting outdoor use, where the terminal remains stable even in demanding environments.

cVEND compact LTE from FEIG – The Tobacco Terminal.

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