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FEIG sets sail

FEIG crew explores Côte d'Azur for a week

Six colleagues from the FEIG development department went on this fantastic tour in September. In doing so, the crew has shown the same perfect teamwork as they have for years in the development of RFID technology.

After an individual journey to Saint Tropez, the colleagues met at the port of Grimaud, where skipper Dinh Chi Tomas and his wife Van had already taken over the "Sea Azur" rented for the trip.
After a first night on board, seven days at sea lay ahead of the crew, which took the sailors to various bays and ports on the French Mediterranean coast, before the yacht was returned to Saint Tropez on the 8th day.

Under the experienced captain Chi, the sailors quickly learned the necessary procedures for setting sail, mooring or steering – especially since some of them already had sailing experience. Once the sails were set, everything worked as smoothly as when developing RFID readers, antennas and the associated software.

The crew spent 8 days and 7 nights together in a confined space – that's only possible if you get along well and can rely on each other.
They experienced a wonderful week in the south of France: beautiful bays that can only be reached from the sea side, adventures on deck and cozy evenings on board.

This sailing tour also says a lot about the collegiality in an almost familiar environment – even though FEIG now employs more than 500 people!
New employees are quickly integrated. Flat hierarchies enable collegial exchange and optimal cooperation.
With company parties or organized participation in sporting events, FEIG already offers a lot for creating a good working environment and team spirit – these efforts are confirmed by numerous private activities within the workforce. All the way to a fantastic sailing trip on the Côte d'Azur...

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