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"I enjoy coming to work every morning"

Industrial clerk trainees at FEIG particularly appreciate the diverse tasks and the collegial support from all sides.

Pauline Junglas and Lea-Marie Teumer are both training to become industrial clerks at FEIG.
In an interview, they answer questions about their training period so far and talk, among other things, about the versatility of the profession of industrial clerk (m/f/d), which they are able to experience during their training period.

Why did you choose this apprenticeship and FEIG as an employer?

Pauline Junglas: On the one hand, I decided to do a commercial apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at FEIG in order to lay the foundation for a future course of study. Through my first experiences with such an innovative company as FEIG, I have already been able to determine an optimal focus for my studies. On the other hand, I chose FEIG in 2021, as it is based in my home region.

Lea-Marie Teumer: My school at the time recommended an internship at FEIG to us, which is how I became aware of this company in the first place. In addition, I already felt very comfortable during the interview and accordingly decided to work for FEIG. With my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, I wanted to achieve a bit of independence after school through new experiences, working independently and getting my first own salary.

What do you like most about your apprenticeship?

Pauline Junglas: What I particularly like about the apprenticeship as an industrial clerk is getting to know different departments and personalities. Everyday working life is very varied and rarely becomes monotonous. The regular changes of departments constantly bring new tasks with them and you get to know new people on a regular basis. Both the individual activities in the departments and the many new characters allow me to gain a lot of experience.

Lea-Marie Teumer: I also like the regular change to new departments and the associated new activities and experiences that I am able to gain there. In addition, as a trainee, you are involved in day-to-day activities from the very beginning and you therefore face new challenges every day.

If you think back, what was the best moment in your apprenticeship at FEIG so far?

Pauline Junglas: Two experiences immediately come to mind. Both the move to the new building "E" with modern office equipment and the three-day visit to the LogiMAT 2023 trade fair in Stuttgart. Here I was given the opportunity to represent the company FEIG together with my colleagues and had the chance to get to know customers I already knew from phone calls in person.

Lea-Marie Teumer: The first thing that comes to mind when I think of FEIG are the people who work here. You will be warmly welcomed by every colleague from day one and if you have any questions or problems, you can always turn to someone.

How do you determine that you have chosen the right apprenticing company, and what do you particularly like about FEIG as a company that takes on trainees?

Pauline Junglas: Due to the size of FEIG, you have the opportunity to get to know different areas and to recognize which department suits you best. I also particularly like the mentoring system at FEIG as a training company, because you always have a first contact person of roughly the same age, whom you can confide in on an equal footing. As soon as new apprentices start at the company, you become a mentor for one of your protégés yourself. In this role, you also grow in your skills and strengths. As a mentor, I often act independently and have learned to take responsibility. A final point that speaks for FEIG as a good training company is the international contact with colleagues as well as customers and suppliers, which leads to constant improvement of my knowledge of the English language.

Lea-Marie Teumer: I enjoy coming to work every morning and I'm always taking on new challenges. You get help from everyone and are always actively supported. In addition, FEIG gives me full insight into the business process and thus a good apprenticeship for the profession of industrial clerk (m/f/d).
What I particularly like about FEIG is the support you receive during your training. On the one hand, the learning day, which is available to you weekly, as well as the external training seminars, which you can participate in by arrangement.

How would you describe your apprenticeship in three sentences?

Pauline Junglas: The apprenticeship as an industrial clerk (m/f/d) is varied and brings with it a wide range of challenges. You learn to strengthen individual skills and improve personal weaknesses. In general, it‘s a great start to your professional life.

Lea-Marie Teumer: From my point of view, the apprenticeship as an industrial clerk (m/f/d) is varied due to the various departments that you go through and get to know. In addition, the profession is future-oriented, as you can continuously educate yourself with this training, either a subsequent course of study or further training to become a business administrator. It is also an important part of controlling the business processes in a company.

In your opinion, what are the most important qualities that you should have as an industrial clerk?

Pauline Junglas: Based on my experience so far, independence and a thourough work-ethic are the most important qualities of an industrial clerk (m/f/d). But a friendly and communicative appearance in the workplace is also very essential.

Lea-Marie Teumer: Yes, you should have a friendly and open demeanor. In addition, it would be an advantage to be communicative, as you have a lot of contact with customers and suppliers, but also get to know several departments. It is also important to show interest in the economic processes and to be able to organize yourself well in terms of time in order to cope with parallel tasks.

Pauline Junglas: That's correct. You have to be able to react flexibly to daily tasks and challenges in order to support the team well. With this behavior, colleagues develop the necessary trust and you gain responsibility in the respective areas. You should also have a great willingness to learn in order to grow both in theory and in practice. In the company itself and also in the vocational school, you learn something new every day.

Would you choose to do an apprenticeship in our company again?

Pauline Junglas: Yes, in a family owned business like FEIG, I would start a commercial apprenticeship again.

Lea-Marie Teumer: Yes, I would also opt for an apprenticeship at FEIG again, because you are a full member of FEIG from day one. FEIG is a large company that is constantly growing and you can contribute your own skills to this development. I would also choose FEIG again due to the pleasant working atmosphere as well as the willingness of colleagues to help each other.

What advice would you give to people who are considering applying for an apprenticeship at FEIG?

Pauline Junglas: My personal advice to future applicants is to properly prepare for the employment test. Especially school subjects such as German, Maths and English but also general knowledge can be prepared for. In addition to good preparation for the test, it should go without saying to inform yourself about FEIG in advance.

Lea-Marie Teumer: My advice would be to simply apply and see for yourself what great opportunities FEIG offers. For one, the good future prospects that FEIG enables, as well as the multi-faceted tasks that an industrial clerk (m/f/d) has to deal with in such a large company. From booking goods receipts, to writing  offers in the Purchasing Department, to serving employees in the HR Department, you go through all the important departments and tasks of an industrial clerk (m/f/d).


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