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New HF Long Range Reader

Maximum RFID performance and intranet connectivity with the new ID LR5400

With the new ID LR5400, FEIG presents a HF Long Range Reader with exceptional read / write range, stable performance, and rapid reading speed even in high-density transponder environments.
The completely new TCP/IP interface simplifies integration into current network structures and connection to cloud systems.

With an impressive write/read range of up to 2 meters, the ID LR5400 empowers users to efficiently scan and identify RFID transponders in large and challenging environments. Its adjustable transmitting power, ranging from 1W to 8W, provides flexibility for optimizing reader performance based on specific application requirements. High receiver sensitivity enhances overall performance and offer best read rate even at small or weak transponders.
The ID LR5400 features an integrated multiplexer with four RF outputs and up to 8 W RF output power, allowing the user to achieve optimal read range and detection rate. Four antenna outputs with high-speed switching function allow the use of multiple antennas, extending the tag detection range uniformly.
By using the optionally available multiplexer module ID ANT.MUX.M5, setups with up to 20 antennas on one reader are possible.

Two device variants for numerous applications

The ID LR5400 is designed to support transponders compliant with ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3-A, ISO 18000-3M3, and NXP I-Code 1 RFID/NFC protocols, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including libraries, laundries, casinos, logistics, and industrial settings. Additionally, by leveraging FEIG's external multiplexer, power splitter, and antenna tuner, users can effortlessly implement setups such as security gates, conveyors, and antenna systems of various sizes.

To meet diverse application needs, FEIG offers two versions of the ID LR5400: the module version (ID LRM5400) and the version with housing (ID LR5400) for industrial applications. The module version provides a compact and flexible form factor for seamless integration into existing setups, while the housing version offers a rugged and robust enclosure for durability in demanding industrial environments.

Simple integration

The ID LR5400 ensures easy integration into professional TCP/IP networks with its flexible interface options, configuration choices, and multiple reading modes. Its four antenna outputs and high-speed switching capability, supported by an external multiplexer, enable the use of multiple antennas, expanding the tag detection range uniformly. Moreover, the reader's high receiver sensitivity enhances overall performance.

Optimal firmware support and SDK for custom projects

FEIG Electronic ensures maximum usability by providing full firmware support for external accessories. The ID LR5400 offers comprehensive firmware support for FEIG's external multiplexer, power splitter and antenna tuner.
FEIG further enhances its versatility by offering a Linux SDK for integrated customer applications and customized protocols. The device ensures easy network connectivity through DHCP, DNS, and NTP services and includes three digital inputs, two digital outputs, and two relay outputs for enhanced functionality.

Worldwide certifications

The ID LR5400 meets international standards for radio and safety approvals, including ETSI, FCC, IC, UL 62368, and EN 62368-1, guaranteeing compliance with industry-leading regulations. FEIG Electronic also provides additional country approvals upon request, ensuring compatibility with various regulatory frameworks.


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