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Loop Detector Module for FEIG Controller

1-channel up to 4-channel

VEK MNST-1/-2/-3/-4

The loop detector modules of the MNST series, in combination with the door controls from FEIG, offer an optimal unit for the operation of sliding gates, barriers, bifold gates and bollards.

Due to the connection via the serial interface, the detectors can be parameterized easily and quickly via the controller and all information about the induction loops can be conveniently displayed via the controller LCD.

Special Features:

  • Connection via edge connectors and plug-in terminals
  • Easy adjustment possibilities via parameter of control unit
  • Opto coupler output for applications with high operating cycles
  • No interaction between loops due to multiplex procedure
  • Automatic system adjustment directly after power on
  • Galvanic isolation between loop and detector electronics
  • Sensitivity adjustment independent of loop inductivity
  • Continuous readjustment of frequency drifts in order to avoid environmental influences
  • Quick response time
  • Mode ‘direction indication’ for multi channel versions
  • Adjustments for output operation – pulse & presence
  • LEDs for indication and fault detection

    Data sheet (pdf 320 KB)

    VEK MNST-1/-2/-3/-4