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UHF Long Range Reader from FEIG ELECTRONIC support the new UCODE DNA from NXP

With the UHF Long Range Reader ID ISC.LRU1002 the youngest member of the UHF reader family from FEIG ELECTRONIC supports the new UHF transponder UCODE DNA from NXP, that offers innovative security features.

AES encryption protects against unauthorized access to the data structure

The UCODE DNA provides a new security feature that protects the data on the transponder effectively against unauthorized reading and editing by using an AES encryption. Only readers who have the necessary secret key, are able to read or modify for example the EPC (Electronic Product Code) or data areas of the transponder after a successful authentication. To use the security features of the new transponder with ID ISC.LRU1002, only a firmware update is required. So also readers that have already been incorporated into existing installations can be expanded to include this feature. An exchange of hardware is thus not required.

UHF Systems meet the highest security requirements

UHF systems based on UHF Long Range Readers ID ISC.LRU1002 from FEIG and the new NXP UCODE DNA meet the highest security requirements, both, from a data protection perspective as well as from the perspective of actual use.
By the new security feature cloning of authorized transponders is almost impossible. So access control systems and vehicle access control systems become more secure and product piracy through the use of counterfeit transponders is prevented effectively. In addition, the new security mechanisms support the implementation of the PIA framework with a view to safeguarding the privacy of users of RFID systems.

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